Probation & Parole Defined

What is Probation? 
Probation is a legal condition that allows you to avoid prison but still be closely monitored by probation officials, who will ensure you don’t do anything illegal. People on probation must report to their probation officer on a regular basis. People convicted of a crime may be sentenced to probation or put on probation as a condition of release from prison.

What is Parole?
The reason probation and parole aren’t interchangeable is pretty simple; if you’re convicted of a crime, you obviously can’t be sentenced to parole. In the State of Florida, parole is also referred to as Controlled Release, and it happens when an inmate obtains release from jail or prison. Several of the probation regulations apply to parolees; for a while after your release, you will be required to meet with your parole officer on a regular basis.

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